LOTR: Remnants Prologue



The palace had been decorated and set up for one of Thranduil’s parties that he had often threw for his people. A way to keep his people happy and keep their minds off threats to their land. He walked through the palace hall approving of its set up when he spotted his old friend Arodon coming towards him.

“Mae g’ovannen, Âr-Thranduil.” Arodon said with a bow, but Thranduil waved him off. “No need for formal, ci a mellon. Gwannas lû and.” He said with a smile as he walked up to greet his friend. An elf he was honored to call a friend.

“Mellon nin, a great honor it is.” Arodon said as he too smiled as Thranduil came closer and greeted him.

“Indeed.” Thranduil smiled towards the elf to the right of Arodon, a beauty she was with her long brunette hair, loosely tucked behind her ears. “An honor to have such a noble elf protect my Adar, for many years in battle.” He added before greeting the brunette elf he knew as Amargil, Arodon’s wife.

Before their conversation could get any further a little elf came running in charging with a toy sword. She swung her sword at Thranduil’s leg and made noises as if she was fighting.

“Die Orc!” She exclaimed.

“Arodiel” The older female elf, known as Amargil, exclaimed trying to get the little elf’s attention. “Daro!” She added trying to calm the child.

“No harm done.” Thranduil said with a chuckle as he picked up the little girl with brown hair like her mothers and bright blue eyes. “A chi?” Thranduil asked as he cradled the child in his arms.

The child seemed to be shy at first as she was brought out of her fantasy world and realized this was no orc, but the king, Thranduil himself. He gave a chuckle and looked towards her parents who were laughing silently.

“Arodiel.” Arodon beamed with pride at his daughter.

“A warrior spirit this one has, reminds me of someone.” Thranduil said with a smile towards Arodon.

Arodiel was the youngest of three children from Arodon and Amargil. Her sister Maidhfind was the middle and only a few years older, they were close, best friends even. Arodiel also had a brother, Ruinrûth who was quite a bit older, was just over hundred and in the Mirkwood guard, protecting the king and Mirkwood just as their father had done.

He was known to have a short fuse and a massive temper; he took his job protecting his home and his king very seriously. He earned the name Ruinrûth, the name meaning fiery red anger, he was one to be feared and many of their enemies did. Amongst his people he was known to be softer than that of the solider in him.

“Indeed, she has quite the imagination.” Amargil added stroking her daughter’s hair.

“It would be a great honor for this one to also serve in my armies as well. To protect me, as her Adar has done for mine… an honor it is to have Ruinrûth.” He added turning his attention back to the little girl who went back to fighting orcs in her fantasy.

Thranduil gave another chuckle and set the little one back down. “Perhaps, you might find more orcs outside the palace.” He said as he bent down to her level. “My son, Legolas, might wish to join you in your mission to protect our home.” He added watching her face light up as she ran off to finish her battle.

“She is her father.” Amargil said watching her little one run out the palace doors.

“Her beauty is her mother.” Arodon stated giving a smile towards his wife.


Arodiel ran out of the palace lost in her fantasy world of fighting orcs, just like the many stories she heard of her father and brother fighting orcs. She ran up behind a young blonde elf and pretended to stab him with her sword.

He seemed un-phased by her attempts to include him in her pretend battle. He just rolled his eyes, stood up and walked away.

“That’s not fair, I kill you.” She said annoyed that he didn’t seem interested in playing.

“I am not playing.” He said and continued walking.

“Go-vethatham ne ndagor?” She asked, wanting him to join in on her battle.

“Dagor…” He looked at her confused.

“Tôl auth.” She added pretending to sense danger then she turned and got into battle pose. “Gurth anin yrch!” She exclaimed as she swung her sword around to battle with imaginary enemies.

Legolas did not seem to be interested in fighting pretend orcs. “I do not wish to fight.” He said before trying to walk away.

“Come on, stay and fight.”

This time Legolas did not acknowledge Arodiel, who was still fighting off a band of orcs, he just kept walking away leaving her to her war. He was a bit older then Arodiel and tried to convince himself and others he was much too old and was no longer interested in playing pretend battles. When she was finally pulled out of her fantasy again she followed after Legolas again.

“I eneth nîn Arodiel.” She said introducing herself to him.

“Legolas.” He said after a moment.

“Son of Thranduil?” She asked.


“Why do you not wish to play?”

“I have much more things to tend to then battle your pretend enemies.” He said not meaning to come off rude but noticed she seemed red in the face. “Díheno nin, I did not mean to offend.”

“No offence taken. I have orcs to sly.” She said as she ran off to fight more orcs. Legolas shook his head as he watched her charge at an imaginary army of orcs.


* * * * * * *


“Late as usual! Get off your ships, you sea rats! There’s knife work here needs doing.” The orc commander said in anger. The orcs watched as Aragon, Gimli, Legolas and Rainel jumped of the ships in front of them. Slowly the orcs began to back away.

“Plenty for the both of us . . . May the best dwarf win!”


Legolas proceeded to climb up an elephant back killing the men on its back as he went. He pulled three arrows and shot them into the elephant’s head. As the elephant went down Legolas slid down his trunk and landed on the ground in front of Gimli and Rainel.

“That still only counts as one.” Gimli said.

Rainel gave a laugh as they went back to fighting. Rainel was in a fight between three orcs, swinging her sword left and right, tossing a few arrows into the backs of orcs. She fought amongst the last few orcs left alive and managed to kill them all. She thought she was done, she breathed a sigh of relieve, looking around gave a smile and a nod at the battle won. Just as she sheathed her sword one of the orcs jumped up and stuck his sword into her side.

Rainel grunted in pain swung around and decapitated him before falling to the ground. Her hand grasped the wound at her side. She fell to her knees as she looked around everything seemed to fade into darkness. The final sounds of battle seemed distant to her, she lifted her hand from her side and took a glimpse at the wound.

‘This is how it ends.’ She thought. ‘So much I did not do.’ She looked around for Legolas and tried to cry out his name but found that her voice would not come. Grasping the wound again she collapsed to the ground.

Darkness came over her and she flashed back to her family. The way she had left her home the way she left her family and Legolas behind. She had yet to tell them why and wished so badly to. She tried to cry out again and barely a whisper escaped from her lips.

“Legolas…Edraith.” She managed in a hushed voice that she barely even heard herself. Before she knew it she faded further into the darkness.

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