th birthday with her father. It would be the last birthday she would celebrate. Shortly after, her father “killed himself” though Lara never believed that to be true. Cops, doctors and therapist told Lara it was the schizophrenic that finally got to him. The lies started to become real when she found her father’s work and the articles he hid from her. The horrible lies they said about her father. His notes spoke of a “Scion”, a cult like group by the name of Trinity and much more. Lara shook her head and realized her father had been crazy. After coming home one night from school she heard voices in the kitchen. Her butler was speaking with Father Patrick. They spoke of a scary island where demons dwell. Lara decided to follow the Father and managed to see unimaginable things on this island. Saving the Father from a demon on horse back they made their way back home. Lara was scared and had nightmares for months. Her therapist reassured her what she saw was nothing more then a dream. Father Patrick told Lara demons were real, but he’s a priest they all believe in demons and angels. God and The Devil. Lara was scared she would become schizophrenic just like her father and so she pushed it out of her mind. It wasn’t real! At the age of 18 Lara met Amanda and they became the best of friends, they were on an archeological dig in Paraiso. Everything was going as usual when the team found something strange. There was a shadow, something out of a horror film, it killed them all. When Lara and Amanda tried to escape the cave started to fall. Amanda became trapped and when Lara tried to save her the cave collapsed. Lara managed to get out alive, as once again the lone survivor Lara started developing survivors guilt. Lara decided to take a break from archaeology and went to collage between the ages of 19-21. She becomes friend with Sam, someone who is the opposite of Lara. Because of Lara’s past she no longer got close to people, she was shy and stayed to herself. But Sam wouldn’t take no for an answer and they soon became the best of friends. Sam told Lara of the mythical sun queen, and not wanting to believe such stories like her father had, Lara just laughed it off. They though decided to set off with a few others to find this mythical island, mostly just for the heck of it, and then they found much more. When Lara, Sam, Jonas and Reyes managed to get free of Yamatai Lara soon realized it was all real. Everything her father had found or worked on it was all real. She wasn’t crazy, and neither was he. She had proof and she wasn’t the only one to had seen it. Everything she had been through since the age of 10, Himalayas, Cambodia, the Black Isle, Amanda and Paraiso, and now Yamatai. All of it was real! She decided it was time to finish he fathers work and find out what really happened to him. Lara is around 22 during the time on Yamatai and between the ages of 22-24 is forced into therapy by her uncle who feels her time on Yamatai has forced “her father’s illness” to present itself in her. She started reading his notes on Trinity, and the prophet. She decided to start there. She learned the woman here father had been seeing was apart of Trinity. She had him killed! After leaving Siberia and coming home she was met with a later from her uncle regarding the possession of Croft Manor. Her uncle has heard rumors of Lara’s “research” and adventures and believed she is starting to suffer from her father’s illness. For about a year or so Lara is then thrown into a legal battle over the rights of the home. She lost her mother, her father and now she was going to lose her family home. The place where she grew up. She had to find proof she had ownership, her fathers will, something. After finally wining her home back from her uncle Lara dived into her research again. All while she started fixing up her childhood home. She decided to have a gym and an assault course put in. If she was going to continue with her adventures she was going to need to get into shape. (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) Age 27 Lara sets off to save the world from a Mayan Apocalypse. After saving the world She then realizes she can save the world and keep dangerous artifacts away from the wrong hands. Thus becoming the Tomb raider, she is meant to become.   Rome (TR5) Age: 27-30 Pierre is another archaeologist (treasure hunter) Lara has crossed paths with him a few times and refers to him as a glorified treasure hunter and a rival in the field. He is only looking for fame and fortune. When Pierre falls he does not die but breaks his leg. When he manages to get out he holds a grudge towards Lara.   VCI (TR5) Age: 30-34   Search for bigfoot Age: 35   TR1 Age: 35   Russia (TR5) Age: 35-36   TR2 then Gold Mask Age: 36-37   TR3 then Lost artifact Age: 38   TR4 Age: 39-40   Rescued from Pyramid Age: 40 Stays there for about a year.   AOD Age: 41-42 She finally clears her name and stops the nephalim and finds kurtis.   Legend Age: 45 She then finds out her mother is in the mythical place of Avalon. Underworld Age: 45-46]]>



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