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So I have recently been replaying some of the old Tomb Raider games, I thought I would start with the classics. I took some screen caps of the first game. I just finished level one. I’ll probably do one level at a time. I forgot how much I loved this game. It takes me back to when I first started playing it. The enemies were very easy to kill, as far as the first few levels. The bats, wolves and bears within the first level can be killed with minimal effort. There was a total of 3 secrets, 6 pickups and about 14 kills. I took a screen cap of my stats. It took me roughly 13 minutes to complete. This of course was only the first level. That’s only because I back tracked to take some screen shots. Even though the graphics were not as great as what we have now, for its time, they are great. I found really no glitches to exploit in the first level. As I love exploiting glitches in the classic games. I will say it is kind of slow paced and (I hate to say this) slightly boring at times. Maybe this is because I have over played the game? Maybe I have spoiled myself with the new reboots? I am not sure, though I felt this way after the first level I still continue to love this game. This was the second game I played in the franchise. This is the one of the games that got me hooked on Tomb Raider.  Hopefully the game will pick up a bit further into the game. Its been awhile since I’ve played.

Tomb Raider is an action-adventure video game developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive. It was originally released in 1996 for Sega Saturn, PlayStation and MS-DOS. Tomb Raider was also released into the mobile gaming market for N-Gage devices in 2003. The game was released for the PlayStation Network in North America in August 2009, and in Europe in August 2010. Tomb Raider follows the exploits of Lara Croft, an English archaeologist in search of ancient treasures.

The game was critically and commercially successful, selling around 7.5 million copies worldwide and earning a 91 aggregate score according to Metacritic and is considered widely influential, serving as a template for many 3D action-adventure games that would follow. A remake of the game was released in 2007 in celebration of its 10th anniversary, and a reboot of its series under the same title was released in 2013.

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