I have been working hard to get my site up to date, and I am just about done. I have also been working hard to get some more content up. I have a few short stories that I need to get posted. And I have just finished getting up one of them. I now have two of my shorts up for you guys to read. Hopefully you guys enjoy it.

Ultimatum is about a newlywed police officer who is given…well an Ultimatum by her new husband. “Him or her job”. Which one will she choose? Find out!

This was one I was offering as a paid ebook. But it has been up for sale for a few years now and I have yet to make any thing off of it. So I felt like releasing it for free to read. Since it’s a short its not really worth it. Hopefully this will give others the idea of my writing style, so when I do finish a novel it will sale.

Please read and understand the rules below before reading. Thank you!

All shorts, novels and other writings are copyrighted to the webmistress of Wandering Star Resource. They are not to be reproduced, edited in any way shape or form to claim as your own.

You may not copy and reproduce the writings with out the permission of the owner. You may not edit or reproduce any part of any of the writings with out the permission of the owner.

You may not claim any short, novel or other writings as your own. You may recommend them via twitter or facebook via a link. How ever no part of the writings shall be copied and posted else where.

Ultimatum (One Shot) ~ PG
– © Katarina

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