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Okay folks I want to bring awareness to scammers. I have recently been the victim of a scam. I won’t name any company names in general, as I do not wish for them to retaliate in any way. But I just want to bring light to this for you guys who are looking for a place to find a free site. I want y’all to understand this happens and you need to make sure you are protected.

Back in 2008 I opened a Disturbed website; I had been open for about a year and a half when I got an offer to have my site hosted for free. I jumped at the chance; I could have a premium/professional looking website free of charge for me. Unfortunately, a year later the guy hosting it up and decided he was done and deleted my website. I lost 8 months’ worth of content. No biggie! I started up again and I found another free hoster, I got my site set back up and all was well again.

Back in 2011 I opened my original design website. Which I called Skye’s Design. Everything was going great until October of last year. I went to edit my design site, and I noticed I couldn’t get logged in. The domain was redirecting me to someone else’s website. I also noticed my Disturbed website was doing the same thing. Figured it was something on my end. So, I contacted my hosting company. After a few hours they responded back.

They basically said, (I should have saved the email) they told me that because my websites were not getting enough hits, they were no longer going to pay for both domains. They STOLE my Disturbed domain from me, and I tried getting them to sell me both domains to me. And after many emails I finally got them to agree. Yet when they didn’t turn over the domains to me, I contacted them again. They told me they had sent a “Terms of Agreement” email to me. I didn’t agree to their terms, so they were not going to go through with the transfer.

…….I never once got any email of any kind for terms of agreement. If I had I wouldn’t hesitate to agree to the terms. I wanted my domains, and I would do anything to obtain them. So, I asked them to resend me the email, but they just told me, “We already sent you the terms of agreement email, you did not agree therefore we cannot go through with the transfer.” When I continue to tell them, I did not receive an email from them, they refused to email me back.

I sent over a dozen emails to them, and they did not respond to any of them. When I asked them to put the websites on a sub-domain and forget about the transfer, I still received no response from them. I was fuming, I was so angry I nearly threw my computer out the window.

I did my research, a little too late, but what I found was shocking. I found a blog about a young woman who had the same thing happen to her. She told how this company ordered her friend to hand over her domain or they would take the website from her. When she proceeded to say no, they deleted her website.

I’m going to quote part of her blog here, but I won’t link to the blog itself. In case for whatever reason this company finds my website, doubt they will, they won’t know who I am talking about and retaliate. I refuse to name any names, for my own safety.

“They never said the websites hosted with them HAD to be transferred to them, and when we refused to give them the domains, both websites were simply DELETED. They didn’t give us a chance to change hosts or anything – remember we couldn’t log in to make a backup of our files. They deleted everything. Everything.

The funny thing is… There wasn’t a single line on the rules stating that transferring the domain was mandatory – we have caps to prove it. They made it up and expect us to accept it. And when we didn’t, they deleted our sites. But… alright. I mean, we were mad, but we got new hosts and we are working on the websites again. That would have been alright if it had stopped there. But it didn’t. About 5 days ago, *COMPANY NAME* deleted my website, WITHOUT LETTING ME KNOW ANYTHING and put up an OFFENSIVE website on my domain. It contained pictures of me, my friend and other people, as well as her address and phone number. I immediately deleted the DNS information, so it would be down.

They were also threatening me, saying that if I removed the DNS from the offensive site, other websites would be used. And so they used my literary blog, also hosted with them. Again, I put it down, but obviously they wouldn’t stop. So *COMPANY NAME* started spamming us and our contact lists with new websites and offensive pictures: ……..

…….As you can see, they used different e-mail accounts to send the spams, trying to hide their asses. Well, the thing is: in one of the e-mails, they forgot to change the sender address:

Now, would you trust a host who commits the CRIME of defamation, just because you don’t want to give them a domain you paid for? After that, we decided to further investigate the e-mails, checking the original message, just to make sure we had more proofs. So, you see… the thing here isn’t about deleting a fan site anymore. It’s about violating the law that states defamation as a CRIME. They post offensive pictures, post her address, phone number, pics of her house… They actually SPEND THEIR TIME to hurt people. What kind of people are those?”

They proceeded to post this poor girl’s photos, name, email, home address and any other personal info they could get their hands on, to further torment her. They used her photos on these pornographic websites, and even sent spam emails to her and her contacts. Hacking into her email I assume to gain access to that. Now who does that?

I was furious when I came across that blog, I couldn’t believe my eyes. So, I typed in the company name, and I found a bunch of other people who have had the same issue with these people. I even found a website which I think can help you guys.
This site is perfect for situations like this, enter in the company’s name: IE, the company I am with now. And you get information about who owns the domain, who the owner is and the company. It will tell you if the website is safe or a scam based on the information given.

As a test go enter in, look at the information given. It says it’s a high trusted site, it looks safe, and the information looks legit. Now enter in any other free fan site hoster similar to and see what you come up with. Please folks I am begging you, do your research. Make sure the company is legit before you sign up with them.

I have been with Fan sites Network for a couple of years now and never have I had any issues with them. I love them, they are legit from where I am sitting. Whereas this other company clearly was not.

Arm yourself with knowledge people! Know what you’re getting yourself into before going through with it. This is true in any case where a scammer may be present. Learn from my mistake!

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