Sunday, February 9, 2014

This is the first in my “Let’s talk” blog series. I pick a subject I am passionate about and talk about it. Nothing is off limits …. well except politics, I refuse to voice my opinions about that. Religion depends, I try and steer clear of it, but I may touch upon it a few times.

However, anything else I have no problem with. I don’t even care if people do not agree with my opinions. I have the right to voice them anyways. If you would like to add your own comments. Feel free to send them in my email, or if you got a subject you would like to hear my opinion on feel free to message me as well.


Okay if I haven’t made it clear already to my followers/visitors I am a HUGE fan of Disturbed. I am a big fan of David Draiman he is extremely talented artist; I know some would probably disagree with me. But you have to admit him, and his band are defiantly able to do live what they’ve done on the album. Course my mom thinks I’m nuts for liking him and the band. For the simple fact the band’s name is “Disturbed”. If that wasn’t bad enough, they have a symbol that is known to the fans as the Believe Symbol. Simply because it’s the cover of their 2nd studio album entitled “Believe”.


Some people think this is the sign of the Devil.

Now there are a lot of misconceptions on heavy metal being “The Devil’s Music”. And that us Metal heads are all Satan worshipers. I consider myself goth now, where before I always took offence to it as I claimed I was a metal head not goth and not emo. Let me show you a little something on Goths and metal heads from Wikipedia. No, I know this isn’t the most reliable source but taking from experience this is pretty damn accurate in this case.

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