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Let’s Talk: Epi 2 – Fandom wars/Cyber bulling pt.1

This is a subject I have touched upon a few months ago, I have just now gotten around to doing part 2. Sorry about that; I have seen many people being bullied over something so stupid. It has happened to me a few times. Though for the most part I ignore it because I know they are trying to get a reaction out of me. I refuse to give them exactly what they want; by reacting and getting angry with them I am giving them what they want, they are having a good laugh at my expense.

The reason some one bullies is because of many different factors.

  1. They are insecure about themselves
  2. They are miserable in their lives, whether it be
    – a) Their being bullied themselves
    – b) They’re not getting the attention from their parents that every kid needs.
    – c) They, are not bullied, but see others being bullied and think that’s how they’re supposed to act.

Whatever the case may be, they are doing whatever it takes to make your life worse so theirs will seem better in comparison. I have had my fair share of hate mail because of the opinions I express.  I will admit I have a lot of opinions others may not agree with, I have a lot to say, and I tend to run my mouth about things I shouldn’t. I am however a girl, it is in our nature to gossip, because of this I have gotten some backlash through my twitter, Tumblr accounts for the things I have said.

Frankly I do not care what others have to say to me or about me. I have gotten to a place in my life where I’ve had every kind of hate mail you can think of. Had all the things said to me, words no longer affect me. Plus, I am happy in my life, and I refuse to allow someone I have never even talked to, let alone met, dictate the rest of my day. I refuse to allow those words to affect me.

This is of course hard to do, trust me. Yet you can do it, look at your life; find the pros in your life. Family, friends, work, boyfriend, girlfriend. What do you have in your life to feel good about? Focus on that and focus on that happiness and don’t let some 40-year-old child, living in his mama’s basement ruin your life.

As I have mentioned many times before I have seen this happen across the internet. I’ve seen people on Tumblr who post the anonymous hate publicly. Many of these people I’ve gotten to know through their blogs and through private conversations. And it annoys me to see how much hatred they get. The following images are screen shots I took of a blog I use to follow. I have of course blurred out the name of the user to protect her. As it’s not my intention to call her out but to show how horrible and pathetic hate mail is.

This girl was being blasted for things she said about Randy Orton. She never said anything bad, she was actually DEFENDING Randy. Defending him against internet rumors, she wasn’t saying anything bad, and yet this person felt the need to attack her.


I’m sorry about that was out of line, why should her Tumblr be banned for simply defending a wrestler she is a fan of? If I was a fan of someone, being a true fan means to stick by them no matter what and defend them against stupid idiots that start rumors just to start drama.


Regardless of internet rumors, the majority of what you read is just that, a rumor. Not everything on the internet is 100% accurate. Regardless of how you feel about Randy, this is no excuse to attack a fan. Regardless of if the fan is following blindly or knows everything about his “reputation” and yet still follows, still does not give you the right. We do not attack you for the things, or people you enjoy the most.

Regardless of Randy’s personal relationships, which by the way are none of your business, does not make him a bad father. You don’t know what he does with his daughter, do you know firsthand? No, you don’t because you are either a delusional fan girl, or you are a hater. You are not friends with him, you don’t know him nor any one related or working for him. Therefore you can’t know how he feels about his daughter, or what he does with her.

Regardless of any of that, does not give you the right to take any of it out on a fan… I am so angry about this I can’t even explain to you anymore, how stupid and pathetic this is. I am speechless! If you can’t understand anything I just said, then you won’t ever understand, so I’m going to move on.


….. What….The…. F***…. Is….This…Shit…?????

This is another thing that I cannot understand, was it necessary to call her stupid and ugly? To tell her “Fuck you”…. I just can’t…. I honestly don’t know what to say. So, I’m just going to leave these photos here for you to make your own decision about them.

I have nothing more to say about it honestly. This is a problem in this society, the younger generations using texting, and social media to bully and push people further to the edge. They don’t realize words leave bigger wounds then physical ones.  Physical wounds heal over time, words are forever. Specially with the internet, once those are out there its done, over with its out there forever. There is no taking it back.

These kids these days feel so safe behind a computer screen and are so unaware of the damage they are doing. I think kids need to serve jail time for it, maybe this will stop them. Specially if the person is then driven to suicide. Negligent homicide…

What do you think on this subject? Feel free to chime in, email me your comments and opinions on this subject and I just might post them on my site. Replace the [at] and [dot] with the correct symbols.


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Sunday, February 9, 2014

This is something that I have seen for many years, I’ve seen people across the internet being the victims of cyber bulling. I have never, nor will I ever treat someone unfairly or send them hate across the internet.  My parents had raised me better than that. If I don’t like someone, I ignore them. I’ve even had hate thrown at me. I’ve been a graphic designer for two years, but my passion for it goes back further. I’ve made fan made videos, stories, poems, songs and many graphic designs. I’ve posted them through many design websites, and I’ve gotten hate for them, not constructive criticism, but down right hatred.

I have also been a part of many, many fandom wars many times because of the Fandom’s I’ve been in. I want to start off with some fandom wars because this is the one that confuses me the most. It’s not for you to decide, just because you do not agree with the fandom, to disrespect some one’s opinions of such fandom. Course I never took any of the bulling or wars seriously, I ignored half of it. It was a waste of time to include myself in such things.

About 5 and a half years ago I opened a website for Disturbed. I called it “Disturbed Fans” then later changed the name to “Disturbed Zone”. After having this site for a couple years, I witnessed a nasty fan battle with another Disturbed fan site. Now to avoid striking up another feud with these people. I will not mention any names and all screen shots have been blurred out. I am not only protecting myself, but the others involved in this stupid war.

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