If you would like to contact me for copyright issues. Please follow these rules:

1) Please, If you are emailing me about copyright: Give me 3 weeks to respond and remove the copyright. I do not check my email everyday I usually check it every three weeks. Since I do not get much email. Plus I have a real life job and work a 40 hours a week.
– 1a) If you feel that takes too long or the email won’t send. Please use a mention on twitter. I don’t normally check it often but it does send and instant notification to my phone.
– 1b) Please DO NOT discuss this matter publicly on twitter. Please simply tell me “I need to talk to you about some thing you posted on your site” Or some thing along those lines. The world does not need to be included in this discussion.

2) We DO NOT lay claim to any of the images and/or articles that are posted here as our own. Unless stated otherwise. We DO NOT in any way intentionally break copyrighted laws. And all pictures and/or articles, etc. are copyright to their original owners, each post has a “Source” link and its original credits. (If any) Some articles we had permission to use. Some of which we did not. If you would like it removed, shortened please feel free to contact us through email.

DO NOT take it up with the webmistress publicly through twitter. I am sorry if anything on this site is your copyright. So please stay calm when email about copyright. Please don’t use caps or explanation points. Yes its happened before. This is unprofessional and seems as though you are shouting.

When sending me an email please note I do have a life. I wont be able to reply within two seconds. I will always reply to you when I get a change. If you are expecting me to reply wait at least 3 weeks and send me a second email. If I still don’t reply this means I am busy and will get back to you when I have time. Please do not send me a third message unless 2 months (after you send the second email) has passed. I do have a life, I do have a job that takes up forty (40) hours a week. And I am always trying to update this site whenever I can. If you continue to ignore this message I will block your email address and you wont be able to email me again. I dont mind your emails I am just really busy. And I do have a life.

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Legal contact Emails:
1) kittycroft[at]wanderingstarresource[dot]net (Website Primary)
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