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If you would like you site posted up on mine please follow the simple guidelines.

A) You must submit your name and email so I can get back to you if I have to. Your information will NOT be shared with any one outside of this website.

B) You must submit what or who the site is about. So I can categorize it.

C) You do not have to have a banner when submitting your site.

D) You must link to my site “” If you do not link to my site. I wont link to yours. If you take my link down I will take yours down. And I will be checking. And you must link to my site first before you submit your site. And you MUST use one of my banners.

E) Any site is allowed, But no phonographic or illegal sites. No spam, advertising sites..

F) I only accept H I G H quality sites..

G) If you do not hear from me within two weeks then you were not excepted. PLEASE DO NOT send your apply again..

H) If you would like to be Top or Elite Affiliates I must be one on your site. But only H I G H quality sites with a (.com, .net, .org, or domains go into be Elite affiliates. NO FORUMS ALLOWED IN ELITE! But they will be allowed in Top. Top can have any type of domain as long as its HQ and easy to navigate.

categories: Elite/Top/Celebrities (actors/bands/singers)/Entertainment (Books, movies, tv, games)/Personal/Design

If it is not in one of the categories it will be ignored. If your site follows these rules then please send it. I will email you when you have been accepted. Please use the following form to apply.

Coming soon!

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