Review: Lara Croft Barbie

[Okay so as it’s been obvious I am obsessed with Tomb Raider. My life, youtube and webpage center around Lara Croft. So it’s no doubt I would be excited about the new Lara Croft Barbie that has come out. From what I am understanding, she wasn’t suppose to be released until March, when the movie is released. How ever Toys’r’Us might have dropped the ball on the release date. Thank God they did though as some of us Tomb Raider fans were lucky enough to get her early. So the day I saw my favorite youtuber, Melonic Mac, posting a photo of hers on twitter, I went straight to the toys r us website and ordered it. I didn’t care that I was at work, I was super excited to get the email she was ready to pick up. However, the next day I had to call them as I was receiving no email or phone call. They informed me that she was in fact ready to pick up in store. Luckily I was on break at work so I rushed to cook my hot pocket and scarfed it down as I drove like a crazy person, in the rain mind you, possibly putting myself at risk. I arrived there in under ten minutes, the guy behind the counter even commented that I was ‘fast’. “Yup, I was on break at work and rush over here.” I said as I tried not to scream, while I was also on the phone with the boyfriend by the way. Course, the scream was let out once I stepped through the doors of the store and back into the parking lot. My boyfriend’s ears ringing from the scream, Oppsy! Sorry!

My first photo of the beautifully boxed Lara Barbie. Ignore the pink fuzzy steering wheel cover in the background.

I was freaking out! My boyfriend couldn’t understand why but I didn’t care. I had her finally in my hands and I wanted to open her up. But I had to drive back to work, she’ll have to endure a few more hours in her box. I finally was able to open her once I got home and even hold, play and pose her on her stand.

My Lara shrine is slowly growing little by little, I just need to add the new funko pop that’s coming soon. But I couldn’t be happier with her! She is beautiful! She hasn’t hardly left my side since coming out of her box. I know I am a dork but just look at her! I can’t wait for the movie, I’ll post more on that later. My Lara Barbie has even inspired me to start a Croft Adventures Instagram account. Look me up and follow!

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Thursday - February 22, 2018 @ 06:39 pm CST



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