3) You want to select your images and then copy (ctrl+c) and past (ctrl+p) the photos into your new image. And then position them where you want them. image 4) I’m using my favorite photos of Randy Orton and AJ Lee. Then select the Rectangular Marquee tool. image 5) Select a portion of the top photo (In this case its Randy’s photo). Like so…. image 6) Then hit ctrl+alt+d to bring up the feather selection tool I’m using 10 for my radius but you can play around with it. Depending on how deep you want the fade to be. Higher makes it fade more, lower fades less. image 6A) If for some reason the ctrl+alt+d is not working in your version of photoshop, up top in the tool information there is a Feather box. You’ll want to put in the number 10 (or what ever number you want) And THEN use the marquee tool. In the case of Photoshop CS4 Step 5 and 6 will need to be reversed. 7) Then just hit the delete button and moving the marquee tool over. (Shift+left or right arrow keys) Until you’re satisfied with the fade. image 8) TA DA! That is how you create the fade effect. Then add more effects and text to your image to your liking. Some images the fade works seamlessly, others like the two I chose are a bit harder. But with the right fading in the right places and a blur effect, it should turn out nicely. You can even use the soft round eraser brushes (not the solid ones) image If you don’t want the fade line to be straight. Kind of like the photo below. You can use a combination of both tools or just one. Depends on the effect you’re trying to get. image]]>



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