Monday, June 6, 2016

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Okay yes I admit I am a bit of a nerd. No I don’t sit and write fan fiction all the time. At least none I am willing to admit to…Never mind that. This is a story I have been working on for many years and recently decided to put it down into words. When it first started it didn’t stick to the original Tolkien idea of Middle-earth and had way too much of the script used in it. But I finally sat down and managed to find a perfect balance. Yes it uses modern day mixed with Middle-earth, which tends to be frowned upon in the Tolkien community. However I feel like my story manages to explain the holes that many try to poke into it. Plus it’s just a fun little project I worked on so just deal with it.

Character          Meaning             Original          Meaning            Relationship

Rainel       Wandering Star     (Arodiel)        daughter of          Legolas’ Lover

Danika           Star

Arodon       Noble                (Othon)             warrior            Rainel’s Father

— Dregnir          he who runs away

Amargil         Earth Star         (Amargil)        Earth Star         Rainel’s Mother

Maidhfind        Pale Haired                                               Rainel’s Sister

Ruinruth          Fiery Red Anger                                          Rainel’s Brother

Amarwên         Green Earth                                              Grandfather



Othon, meaning warrior, is a Sinda elf that immigrated from Doriath to Greenwood with Oropher. He was a blacksmith in Doriath, during the Second Kinslaying and the destruction of Menegroth, he served in the same “unit” as Oropher and on many occasions saved Oropher’s life. They were great friends and looked out for one another. Once they got to Greenwood and make their way among the Nandor and Oropher is declared the King, he then rewarded those of his people who had served him well and faithfully, including his good friend Othon.

Oropher gave him the name Arodon, meaning noble one, it was then Othon adopted this as his chosen-name. He was greatly proud of his nobility and before too long became cocky about it. He then married an elf named Amargil, meaning star, they had been friends for years and had both immigrated from Doriath together. They had two daughters and a son in which they named Arodiel, daughter of noble one, Maidhfind, pale haired, and their son Ruinruth, Fiery red anger.

Arodon fell in love with a human woman and began an affair with her. Something that was very taboo amongst his people. And he ran away with her abandoning his wife and daughter. His people then began calling him Dregnir, meaning he who runs away, which of course he adopts after his mistress dies of old age and his guilt begins. Arodiel being ashamed of her father’s actions decided to adopt the name of Rainel, meaning Wandering Star, Rainel being a variation of her mother’s name Amargil, meaning earth star. Amargil had always loved the stars and was the daughter of a farmer and thus was given her name. It became a tradition for mother and daughter to watch the stars. Rainel wanted to honor her mother she wanted nothing to do with her father.

Rainel was close with her mother and after her father’s dishonor, her people started to treat her differently. She was no longer happy in Mirkwood except for when she was with Legolas. Rainel and Legolas were great friends and became lovers and were set to marry. They grew up together and were very close. Though Legolas’ father had issues with Rainel because of her father’s dishonor. Rainel sometimes wished as though she was in a different world then the one she was in. Her and Legolas talked about running away from Mirkwood. Running away from the shame of her father and his father’s disapproval of their relationship.

Thranduil tries to run Rainel away from Mirkwood and Legolas, making it clear there is no future for them. Well Rainel leaves and goes traveling all this happening a couple hundred years before “The One Ring” Then during the start of the one ring/battle for middle-earth. Rainel then meets up with the fellowship after having left Rivendale and she is then part of the fight for middle-earth.

Though in the battle for Gondor Rainel is injured/dies and is reincarnated into the modern day as Danika, a name also meaning star, is a writer. She has had dreams of middle-earth and her best Friend Lexi believes it is a past life. Yet Danika does not believe until somehow magically Legolas appears and tries to make her believe to bring her back.


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

More coming soon!

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Okay so I am somewhat active in online communities. The biggest one being Tomb Raider, and I frequently visit one called tomb raider forums. I decided to post my previous blog about my review on the tomb raider franchise on there. I wanted to get some opinions from other tomb raider fans. Especially regarding the Legend reboot. Though they were not helpful much in my research on that. (I was trying to prove or disprove a theory and they didn’t cooperate with me) But they did make a lot of interesting points. If you want to read the full thread, you can do that here: Reviewing the TR franchice

I would quote some stuff from the thread but it’s easier for y’all to understand if you just read through it yourselves. If y’all want to put in your thoughts, post there or you can always comment here or send me an email about it. I am trying to see if I can test a theory. I believe a lot of Core fans believe Legend was a reboot and Crystal fans think it was not. And fans of both are about 50/50. But I can’t seem to get a straight answer out of these members. So, I will just have to see how it goes. Let me know what y’all think.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Now you guys obviously know that Tomb Raider has been around for several years. Dating back to the mid 90s. The first original Tomb Raider was released in 1996 by British company Core Design. I’ve been a fan of this franchise for years, since I was about nine years old in early 2000, I’ve been playing this game. It started with the most difficult game in the series, The Last revelation, which was fourth in the series. I remember as a young kid in the mid to late 90s seeing this game on store shelves and finding it to be a horrible game. Yet I had never played it, so I really had no right to judge a game by its cover. But I watched my dad play TR4 and found that it was quite interesting. Course he had the limited edition which meant this version only had 10 levels built into it. It was a limited demo edition. I don’t think he fully knew that when he was given the game. As I remember him telling me that a friend from work had issues finishing it because it would randomly stop. It wasn’t randomly stopping it was only a demo game.

My obsession for the game begun there, and it had no signs of stopping. I was falling in love with this game. My dad then brought home the first Tomb Raider game that a friend from work had given him. After watching him play it, I too wanted to try my hand at it. Tomb Raider 3 and Chronicles, which was number 5 in the series, soon followed. I had beaten them all except for TR4, as it wasn’t the full version. When I turned 13 I got my first playstation2 and the first game I went and bought was Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness, number 6 in the series. This game had so much potential! The plotline was amazing, and it would have been even better had they actually finished it. This game had so many issues as when it was finally released it was only 40% finished. Now I don’t know all of the details about exactly what happened. But from what I understand Core was working on a new system for the game and had been having issues. They continued to push back the release date over and over again. Getting frustrated Eidos forced them to release it when it wasn’t even finished. Now if you ask me Eidos cut off their nose to spite their face. It was the fault of both parties for why this game was a huge embarrassment. Eidos shouldn’t have expected Core to release this game in such a short period. From what I understand Eidos had come to rely on a steady stream of TR games. One every year.

I could be wrong on this and please correct me if I am. I feel it was a huge mistake for Eidos to have forced them to release early. I think it could have been an amazing game had they just been allowed to finish it. But then again, we wouldn’t have had the games that followed either…. Well maybe but not the exact games that followed. After this embarrassment Eidos decided to rip the game from the ones who had created it. They gave the game to a more reliable company in America known as Crystal Dynamics. Now that in itself is a big slap in the face, to have your project you worked so hard on taken away and given to someone else. That seems so unfair to me! And it was unfair to the fans that had grown up with Lara. Crystal took Lara and changed her to the point she really wasn’t the same Lara. At least in my opinion.

Now here is where it gets very tricky and debatable. Though the seventh Tomb Raider game entitled Legend was not officially labeled as a ‘Reboot’. Some people may argue that it in fact was. They say it was a continuation of the past Tomb Raiders. But if you paid attention to the story line it was not really a direct continuation. By them changing Lara’s bio a bit and changing up the story it was in fact a reboot. Though it supposedly remained the same Lara, I still feel it was a reboot. Most fans would disagree because well they don’t want to admit that Crystal did another reboot just a few years after Legend. But if you still think it’s not a reboot, please feel free to explain why you think it’s not.

Though I found it unfair how Tomb Raider was “stolen” from its original owners. I was quite fond of Legend. Though it was a short game that could be completed in about a week, depending on how many hours you spent on it. It was still an enjoyable game. However, it did have its cons, I don’t like how they made Lara this emotional person. Yes, it’s all great that she wants to carry out her father’s work and find out what happened to mommy. But the way it was done is just off to me. There is a scene in the game in which Amanda is down on her knees and Lara is pointing a gun at her. Lara is pressing for information about her mother. Now do you really enjoy a cold-hearted, emotional woman, willing to gun down a ‘not so innocent’, unarmed woman? I didn’t like the direction they took Lara into. Now Core did this as well at the end of Tomb Raider 3, Lara killed an innocent helicopter piolet… Well as far as we can tell he was innocent. The camera did pan away so we don’t know if it was perhaps self-defense. Which leaves us to believe Lara killed him in cold blood.

Now some people enjoy the emotional Lara, because it’s a refreshing change from the cold-hearted Lara we came to know and love. However, I felt in Legend she was still a cold-hearted killer which made the emotional part off to me. Some people did argue about a scene from Anniversary, where Lara killed a human for the first time. Larson was actually her first human kill, and you see her get emotional about it. Some people hated this, I liked it because she had never killed a human before so it’s understandable why she would react this way. But for her to then become a cold-hearted killer on the second and third kills threw me off.

Before I continue on that, I want to sidestep for a second. I didn’t see a whole lot on Core’s version of Anniversary, but I saw a bit and thought it was nice. It would have been nice to get a remake from the actual people who created that game. Not a rip off. Though I still enjoyed the Anniversary that we got. I heard that when Core was trying to create a remake of the first game Crystal got their panties in a bunch and started creating it themselves and pushed Core out of the way. For fear they would do better on the remake and redeem themselves and regain their game back. What ever happened, it no longer matters it’s over and done with. I still enjoy the games we currently have.

Anyways, back to what I was saying. Now as far as the new games go, I love them. The ‘actual’ Tomb Raider reboot was released in 2013. By the name of Tomb Raider, basically it’s an origin story. Lara’s first adventure, how she became what she is today. This game changed everything, most of her bio was changed once again and the storyline canceled out the previous games 1-8. None of those games ever happened. I love the reboot, not just because of the graphic but because of the storyline. There are a lot of Tomb Raider fans, there are different groups of them. There are some that only play the classic games, and by classic, I mean 1-5 and maybe 6. And there are some that play the newer games Legend through the current game. And then there are fans like me who play the whole series just because I am a huge fan of the game in itself. I think Crystal did a better job this time around trying to humanize Lara. They got it right this time, they didn’t start her off as a whiney …. you know what, they didn’t start her off as a cold-hearted one either. They showed her as if she were any normal human like you or me. As you play the game more and more you want to try and protect Lara. It’s funny I always use to say, “you are not a true Tomb Raider fan until you get a sick satisfaction out of seeing how many ways you can kill Lara”. But I feel like in this game, you don’t want to see how many different ways you can kill her, you actually want to protect her from that.

As you go along you kill only because you are trying to stay alive. You are simply defending yourself and not killing just because you can, or they got in your way. It shows what any of us would do if we were thrown into a situation such as this. Now Rise of the Tomb Raider does a bit less of that. Yes, there are sometimes when Lara may be killing just because they got in her way, but hey they’re the bad guys who most of the time shoot at her first. And she still is trying to defend herself and her friends. But they still do a good job of not throwing Lara into the “cold-hearted killer” category. I love what they have done with the new series and hope they continue it in the right direction. I don’t want to see Lara go down another dark path as she seemed to have done in previous games. I also love how realistic she looks in the newest game. This generation of technology is really truly amazing.

Another argument, which pisses me off, I heard some people got angry when they found out that Lara’s breast size was reduced…Like really? ….. That is not why you play this game to stare at a fictional character boob all day. Now I am not a feminist, but this is just getting ridiculous. Play the game because it’s a fun game, not because the character is female and has big boobs. For God sake! I love this game from the very first game every created to the new reboot to all the side games they have. From relic run to Lara Croft go. I can’t wait to see what game the create next.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

(I sort of talked about it in one of my previous “Let’s talk” episodes) But here I will explain it a bit more instead of linking to it. First let me post this from wikipedia:

Selective mutism (SM) is an anxiety disorder in which a person who is normally capable of speech does not speak in specific situations or to specific people. Selective mutism usually co-exists with shyness or social anxiety. Children with selective mutism stay silent even when the consequences of their silence include shame, social ostracism or even punishment. Children and adults with selective mutism are fully capable of speech and understanding language but fail to speak in certain situations, though speech is expected of them. The behavior may be perceived as shyness or rudeness by others. A child with selective mutism may be completely silent at school for years but speak quite freely or even excessively at home. There is a hierarchical variation among people with this disorder: some people participate fully in activities and appear social but do not speak, others will speak only to peers but not to adults, others will speak to adults when asked questions requiring short answers but never to peers, and still others speak to no one and participate in few, if any, activities presented to them. In a severe form known as “progressive mutism”, the disorder progresses until the person with this condition no longer speaks to anyone in any situation, even close family members. Selective mutism is by definition characterized by the following:
  • Consistent failure to speak in specific social situations (in which there is an expectation for speaking, e.g., at school) despite speaking in other situations.
  • The disturbance interferes with educational or occupational achievement or with social communication.
  • The duration of the disturbance is at least 1 month (not limited to the first month of school).
  • The failure to speak is not due to a lack of knowledge of, or comfort with, the spoken language required in the social situation.
  • The disturbance is not better accounted for by a communication disorder (e.g., stuttering) and does not occur exclusively during the course of a pervasive developmental disorder, schizophrenia, or other psychotic disorder.
This is what I had, I could speak to peers, some what. Despite this disorder I had quite a few friends in school. And I spoke perfectly when at home. The following are the symptoms, I have crossed out the ones I did not have.
Symptoms: Besides lack of speech, other common behaviors and characteristics displayed by selectively mute people include:
  • Shyness, social anxiety, fear of social embarrassment, and/or social isolation and withdrawal
  • Difficulty maintaining eye contact
  • Blank expression and reluctance to smile
  • Stiff and awkward movements
  • Difficulty expressing feelings, even to family members
  • Tendency to worry more than most people of the same age
  • Desire for routine and dislike of changes
  • Sensitivity to noise and crowds
On the positive side, many people with this condition have:
  • Above-average intelligence, perception, or inquisitiveness
  • Creativity and a love for art or music
  • Empathy and sensitivity to others’ thoughts and feelings
  • A strong sense of right and wrong
Read the rest of this entry »

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Hello peoples! To all of my lovely fans out there wherever you may be. Okay I am a bit excited I just added another piece to my Tomb Raider Collection. I’ve been wanting to get a Lara Croft backpack for the longest time. Well, several months ago I spotted one at Target for around $30. Well at the time I was unemployed, so I wasn’t able to get it. But I am now the proud owner of a Lara Croft backpack! Yes! My cos-play accessory collection is almost completed! Now just to obtain the outfits…

I’ll keep y’all updated on my collections

Take a look!
Click the image to be taken to my instragram for a larger view!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Okay as I told in the previous blog post, I am a huge fan of the Tomb Raider franchise. Normally I don’t read any thing that isn’t posted by the author Nora Roberts. But I knew that I could not just stick with reading one author alone. I had to branch out and broaden my reading materiel a bit. So I’ve been reading a few different things, from J.R.R Tolkien to the creator of The Vampire Diaries.

I have even been trying to get into reading some of the Tomb Raider books. I wanted to read the one they did for Angel of Darkness. As this one was my most favorite in the entire franchise. Though Barnes and Noble did not have it at the time. So I had to settle with my second choice, “The Ten Thousand Immortals” written by Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent.

“Lara Croft wants only to put her horrifying ordeal on Yamatai island behind her. Her modest wish shatters as she’s plunged into a frantic race to save Sam. Desperate for a remedy, Lara searches for anything that could help her. A wisp of hope arising from a myth gives Lara purpose: the story of an ancient and mysterious artifact that could heal her friend, and possibly help explain the supernatural events she witnessed on Yamatai.

However, Lara is not alone in her pursuit of the treasure. A nefarious magnate, a shadow society, and lethal henchmen will stop at nothing to exploit the powerful relic for their own ends. The hunt drives Lara across the globe, through a twisted web of conspiracy, suspicious contacts, and life-or-death intrigue, as she seeks salvation for her friend and the truth behind the legendary talisman.”

It takes place after the 2013 reboot, obviously, and before where the comic books pick up. Now I was reading up on the new Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, as well as watching the trailers. And I have a feeling this game is going to some how start where the book left off, perhaps? Am I just misunderstanding this? This book is about finding a talisman that is capable of creating immortality, and I believe that is what Lara goes off in search for in the start of the new tomb raider. I could be wrong though.

But I love this book, I loved the story of the new Tomb Raider reboot. Now there has been a lot of fan wars about the new tomb raider. A lot of the die hard fans do not like that they keep creating a reboot.

The argument is that Legend was a reboot, yet others say it was not. However I do in fact believe Legend was a reboot. Why? Because they changed Lara’s story, they gave her a new background that completely canceled out the previous Tomb Raider games. Therefore it was in fact a reboot to me.

There are fans that say they don’t like the new sensitive Lara. This argument goes back to Tomb Raider Anniversary when Lara first kills Larson. Now in Crystal’s version of Tomb Raider, Lara had never killed a human before. Sure she killed animals in order to protect her self. She has never killed a human before. How would you feel if you had to kill some one for the first time? You would feel very sad and remorseful … Unless you’re just a cold hearted killer, but never mind that. So it was understandable that Lara reacted in such a way.

Would you rather have her have no emotion what so ever? Y’all flipped at the end of Tomb Raider 3 when Lara killed that innocent helicopter pilot for no reason at all. Calling her cold-hearted then. So what do y’all what? Hmm? A sensitive, HUMAN Lara or a cold hearted killer? You can’t have it both ways here.

I liked that they gave Lara emotions, not just in Anniversary but in the new reboot. It humanized Lara and made her seem more real, more relatable. Not that I would ever get stranded on a weird, supernatural island with a weird sun goddess. But hey, it shows what we all would have done given we were in the same situation … Very unlikely but still.

I love that they made Lara more real, not just in her looks but in her emotions as well. It makes us want to do what ever it takes to protect her even more. Like I always said, you’re not a true Tomb Raider fan till you’ve seen how many ways you can kill Lara. Yet in this game you almost have a sense of wanting to protect her from that … Or is that just me?

I love the storyline in both the game and the book. However, it did kind of drag on with the descriptions of: “Lara jumps across this roof then turns left.” Like I don’t need to know every detail of where she is going. I don’t know for some reason this bugged me. But I was so enticed in the story that I didn’t pay much attention to the little added details and extra descriptions. In the end … I love the new game and the follow up book. I don’t have many negative things to say about it.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Okay, so my first Let’s talk episode was about misconceptions. To have a mistaken thought, a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding; a misunderstanding of those in the Gothic or heavy metal community. But in this episode, we are going to talk about perception, a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression, or more likely to perceive something incorrectly.

Two of my current obsessions is the Middle-earth saga and Tomb Raider. I have been obsessed with both since early 2000. But I wasn’t always that way.

Let me explain; back in 1996 the first Tomb Raider video game was released. I was about 5 years old at this time. And of course, I was too young to even play games on the computer. And I remember for the next year or so of seeing these games on the shelves at K-mart… Wow! That’s a store name I have not heard in a long time. We no longer have one of those near where I live… Do they even exist at all anymore?

Anyways that’s not the point; I remember seeing them one right after the other with in 3 or 4 years. And I just remember looking at the games, not really giving it a thought, and I thought it looked to be the dumbest video game ever. How did I even know? I had never played a Tomb Raider game, nor had anyone I’ve known play it. So how could I be certain that it was stupid? I barely even glanced at the box, and by just that glance I knew the game was stupid.

Course, cut to a 4 or 5 years later in early 2000, I would say about March, my dad brought one of the games home, someone he worked with gave him a demo version of “Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation” one of those limited editions that only had 10 levels. Yeah, it exists, I still own it in fact. I remember sitting down with him, as I always did, to watch him play his video game. I remember thinking it looked pretty neat. The more I watched him, the more I wanted to play it.

A while later he brought home the first original Tomb Raider game. I always loved watching Dad play video games. So, I sat and watched him play it, something about the game just struck me. I fell in love with the game from that point on. I started playing it myself and I was super excited when my dad brought home Tomb Raider 3 and Chronicles. Course there were parts in the game that got to be too hard for me, so I would run to my dad and be like: “Can you help me get past this part?” He then told me after a several hundred times, “If you can’t do it yourself then stop playing the game.”

Haha, Dad got tired of playing the game for me. So that’s when I spent just about every moment on the computer playing these games in order to beat them. And finally, I did, I beat the first one, TR3, the 10-level demo version of TR4 and chronicles. I was ready for more, course it took me several years to obtain the others in the series but when I did the wait was well worth it. I have beaten Tomb Raider’s 1-8 including Anniversary.

I have yet to obtain the new 2013 Tomb Raider Reboot, as I do not have an operating system that can handle it. But I watched it on YouTube, and I have to say holy… It looks awesome. I am so excited about the new one “Rise of the Tomb Raider” … That’s a story for another time.

My point is, I use to have a misconception of these video games. I perceived them incorrectly by barely even a glance. Now I am so obsessed, I own Tomb Raider’s 1-8, Anniversary TR1 gold, TR2, Gold, and TR3 gold. I even try to imitate Lara by wearing similar outfits, growing my hair out like her, I have the Angel of Darkness sunglasses, even just bought me a backpack at Target the other day just because it reminded me of Lara. The game I once thought was stupid is now my biggest obsession.

Same went for Lord of the rings; when I saw the trailers, I thought “Only nerds and geeks are going to see that. Lonely nerdy boys and girls who can’t get laid will go see it.” … Yeah that was horrible I know, but I was only joking … Sort of …

I sat down one day and watched tv with my dad … Yeah, I’m seeing a pattern here, it’s always dad’s fault I get into shit. Hehe I’m a daddy’s girl, I do and like the same stuff he does. Anyways, he was watching the second movie “The two towers” yet again, a familiar pattern arose, I found myself falling in love. I even fell in love with the blonde elf known as Legolas. Ahh Orlando Bloom! You are wonderful!

I then had to see more! I bought all 3 movies and from then on … Guess what? … Yup I was obsessed. Yet when I found out it was actually a book, I was reluctant to read it. I thought “I’ve already seen the movie; I don’t need to read the book.”

Cut to a few years later, I now have the books (Lord of the Rings, the hobbit, The Silmarillion, and the return of the Shadow) , I have the Battle for middle-earth games 1 and 2, I even play Lord of the Rings online. I created my own Elven character with a long family history. (I’ll post that later for y’all) And I even am learning to speak elvish. I am fluent in the written elvish script called Tengwar. Heck my current website theme is Tolkien/Elvish based. Haha!

So, it just goes to show you cannot judge a book by its cover alone! The two things I use to think were stupid are now my greatest obsessions of all time. Guess that makes me one of those nerds/geeks that can’t get laid. HAHA!

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hello, everyone, it’s been a while since I have written any blogs or made videos… In fact, it’s been a while since I have even come on to my own website. I have been busy in real life. At the end of December, I got a real-life job offer, sadly not from any graphic or web designers like I hoped. But I am now a proud employee of a grocery store. It pays well enough, and I get enough hours that I am happy with it. I love my job!

I got the offer at the end of December after job searching for like a year and a half or so. I was getting a bit bummed out that I wasn’t getting any call backs after any of my interviews. And it was really starting to stress me out. Anyways, I just hate the job interview process, the questions that they ask are so freaking stupid it’s not even funny. Like “Name a time when you were part of a team, what were your goals and how did you accomplish those goals?”

Let me explain some thing here: A lot of you may not know that I was home schooled for pretty much most of my school year. I grew up with a disorder called Selective Mutisim. It is a disorder in which the subject cannot speak in selective environments. Such as schools or any other public place. My parents had gotten fed up with hearing complaints from my teachers that I was not talking. They kept saying “Well can you not make her talk?” After my therapist… (YES! I had a therapist, but not like that.) Had even told my teachers that it is not that simple. My teachers didn’t listen, so my parents put me into home school.

I have always been self employed as a graphic, web designer, author and blogger. This is all that I know how to do. There for I have never been in a team type situation at school or at work. So how the heck am I supposed to answer this question? Well, I talked about the time that I was on a basketball team… Well, it wasn’t so much as a team as lessons with a bunch of other kids at the rec center.

Our goal was to make a certain number of baskets in order to win the game… Not that we were playing against any other teams, because it’s not really a team and… You see the problem here? I had a hard time explaining this answer. And there is a long list of other dumb questions I had a hard time answering.

Now there was one that should have been an obvious one, but I fucked it up on my first interview. I was applying to work at Target and one of the interview questions was something along the lines of this:

“If a customer is buying a pair of shoes that ring up as $19.99, but they say that the sign says $17.99. What would you do?”

Obvious answer, right? …..

*makes a buzzer sound* WRONG! I said I don’t know on my first try. And it caused me the interview. The guy looked at me and smirked like “Who does this girl think she’s kidding? She is so not qualified for this job”

Yeah, the correct answer to this question is:

“Well it depends on the store policy. If the policy is to honor what the customer says the price is, then I would change it. However, if no such policy exists, then I would simply apologize to the customer and reply with ‘I am sorry miss/mr the sign or the shoes must have been stocked wrong. The correct price is $19.99′”

Yeah, I didn’t know that, and I was kicking myself as I walked out of the interview. When I applied at target again in a different location, I felt like I got this question right. But apparently, I still was not good enough. Well, they lucked out in having me as an awesome employee.

One place I applied at was a pet store. When I went in I was a bit nervous, as I am on just about every interview I went on. And the guy picked up on it very quickly. And told me that I was required to talk to a customer as a sells person. And that I needed to overcome that shyness.

He gave me an item, told me to read the labels and then try to give him a sells pitch for it…Uuuhhhh! What the fuck! I have no idea; I am not a saleswoman. Hell, I suck at selling my graphic designs to my visitors! What makes you think I can sell a bottle of flea and tick killer…

I don’t think I aced that test. I was horrible! I am sorry but there are no salesmen any more in stores like this. Most people would just rather go in, find what they need, pay and then leave. And if they need help, they will ask. We live (or I feel that we do) in a time where everyone pretty much goes into a store knowing exactly what they are after and know exactly where it is in the store. They don’t need salesmen anymore.

Basically, the guy wanted me to say this to every customer that walked it.

“Hello how are you? What are you shopping for? What can I help you find? … Oh, you’re shopping for a dog. What kind of dog? Big, little?”

… Like what the fuck! Can I not just be like:

“Hello, how are you? Can I help you find something?” and leave it at that. If they need help, they will ask me.

He even asked me to try and sell a fucking Frisbee… Why do I need to come up with a sells pitch for a fucking Frisbee? What is there really to say?

“Oh yeah you can throw it and your dog can run after it and catch it” ……


I can’t think of the other dumb questions I’ve been asked. I’ve lost count! Anyways, my point is, on this final interview it wasn’t like any other interview I had been on. It was actually nice, for the first time I wasn’t nervous at all. The interviewer didn’t ask me all those dumb questions that everyone asked me before. She didn’t make me do some dumb sells pitch. It was a nice conversation. That’s what it was, a conversation! Not an interview, a conversation!

It was a group interview, and it was just,

“Hello my name is …. And I used to work at …. I graduated from ….”

My line was

“My name is …. (not telling y’all my real name) I am self employed as a graphic/web designer, and I do a bit of babysitting part time. I started my graphic web design business back in May of 2011. I started baby sitting back in August of 2012. The kids are now at the age where they are going off to school and I want a job outside of the home.”

That was it! And I was in from that point on. I got hired on that day. I’ve been employed at this store since December 20, 2014. And I couldn’t be happier. I love it, I work as a Courtesy Clerk which means I bag people’s groceries, I sometimes do carry outs for the elderly and those who need it. I even go out in the freezing rain, sleet and snow to get carts.

(A quick word of advice, please for the love of God, when you go to a store put the carts in the cart stales! I hate having to chase down carts because you people are too lazy to put them where they go! lol kidding!)

Yeah, it’s fun!

I know some people might not think it’s fun. I was talking to one of my floor supervisors one day, (he’s no longer there he went to a store closer to where he lives) He asked me one day “If they ever asked you to move to cashier, what would you say?” I simply told him that, I love being a courtesy clerk it’s fun. He gave me a serious look and goes “Why?” I was just like because I love it! He started laughing and told me he had never heard anyone say that before.

So apparently, I am the only one that actually likes what I do. It’s not that I don’t want to be cashier it’s just I like what I do right now. I get paid $7.45 an hour and weekly. I work anywhere from 20 hours to 38 at most. Heck, I got 38 and a half hours this past week. I am excited for this week’s check. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough, you know? I get life, health, dental (I think) vision insurance, and a pension after 5 years, 401k plan, paid holidays, and I am only working part time!

And I have met some great people, I love my co-workers. I love my bosses, only time they pissed me off is when they messed up on a check of mine. But hey, I can’t complain they got it fixed and all is right in the world. I have two of my floor managers telling me all the time they love me, and they owe me something. One of them was like “I’m going to take you out” haha I’m like okay! I love that! She says this because I never say no when she asks me to come in on a day off, come in early or stay later. And I’m not doing any of this to get free stuff from anyone. I am doing it because that’s my job. That is what I get paid for.

Hey, my mentality is more hour’s mean more money. So, I am happy, plus more hours means more time I get to spend at the job that I love, with my friends at work. I don’t do it knowing or hoping I get a free drink from one of my managers. (Though this is a plus) I do it because I want to and because it’s my job. I don’t mind at all doing it. The only time I would say no is if I was so sick that I couldn’t come in to work and had a fever. Or if I had plans that I just could not get out of.

Like one day one of the floor supervisors asked me if I wanted to come in on a Saturday. (I was scheduled to be off that day) But I told her that I couldn’t, because that was the Saturday that my family was celebrating Christmas. Since we couldn’t do it on the actual day. And one day I got called in, but I was so sick, I was in so much pain and was running a high fever. I didn’t want to run the risk of making my coworkers sick. Even if it was just allergies.

Anyways, to make a long story short. I got a Real-life job; I love it and that is the reason I have not been updating or even logging on to my website at all. But I promise that I will keep you guys updated on my life, job and anything else that comes up. I will also get to working on some more video and blogs. I have a long list of stuff that I want to do for the website, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and do any of it.

We’ve had bad weather last week and I got called in more last week because there were other clerks that couldn’t come in because of the bad weather. So I had four 8 hour shifts this week, so I’ve been a bit worn out.

Anyways, keep an eye on my website and YouTube page. More blogs and vlog’s coming soon I promise!


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Thursday, November 6, 2014

I have been working hard to get my site up to date, and I am just about done. I have also been working hard to get some more content up. I have a few short stories that I need to get posted. And I have just finished getting up one of them. I now have two of my shorts up for you guys to read. Hopefully you guys enjoy it.

Ultimatum is about a newlywed police officer who is given…well an Ultimatum by her new husband. “Him or her job”. Which one will she choose? Find out!

This was one I was offering as a paid e-book. But it has been up for sale for a few years now and I have yet to make any thing off of it. So, I felt like releasing it for free to read. Since it’s a short it’s not really worth it. Hopefully this will give others the idea of my writing style, so when I do finish a novel, it will sale.

Please read and understand the rules below before reading. Thank you!

All shorts, novels and other writings are copyrighted to the webmistress of Wandering Star Resource. They are not to be reproduced, edited in any way shape or form to claim as your own.

You may not copy and reproduce the writings without the permission of the owner. You may not edit or reproduce any part of any of the writings without the permission of the owner.

You may not claim any short, novel or other writings as your own. You may recommend them via twitter or Facebook via a link. However, no part of the writings shall be copied and posted elsewhere.

Ultimatum (One Shot) ~ PG
– © Katarina Croft

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