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If half of you have been following me for a while you may have seen me posting on my “Let’s Talk” blog series. The last two times that I have done them, the first was about the misconceptions in the world of heavy metal, the second was part one in “Cyber Bullying and fandom wars”. Part two will be coming soon, but I wanted to take a moment to discuss more on fans. Now I am tagging WWE, Randy Orton and Disturbed in this post because these are the fandoms which I have seen it happen the most.

Recently there have been these rumors and confirmation about Randy’s new girlfriend. And while I have declined to really speak about it, I won’t express my opinions about her nor their relationship. I have myself crossed the line on many occasions when it comes to Randy’s personal life. And therefore, I apologize to his fans as well as him. Not that he’s been reading my blog or anything. It is not my place nor is it any of his other fans to express their opinions about her. Randy’s happy, regardless of what she has said and done, stay out of it.

Disturbed fandom: About two or three years ago David Draiman, the lead singer of the band started dating former WWE diva Lena Yada. I saw much hate for her, pinning her as a ditzy, bimbo, gold digger, who was using David for the fact he was famous, and she was no longer in the WWE. I myself wasn’t too sure of her in the beginning. Over time I realized she’s really sweet, and after the crap David has been through in his career and his personal life, she made him happy. It wasn’t my place to be upset or heartbroken that he had a girlfriend. But many were, they were acting like the jealous girlfriend that got cheated on.

I had one friend who use to say such nasty things about her, course I just laughed. Perhaps not the best thing I could have done. I certainly wasn’t going to defend her. I didn’t know her, neither did my friend. When David purposed to Lena, this sent my friend over the edge. She was being even nastier to Lena. Saying that if David went through with his marriage to Lena that she would no longer be a fan of his. Well guess what, they got married September 2011. A few days later my friend told me she would have nothing more to do with David or the band Disturbed.

Now a little story about her, she had on many occasions been depressed and had thought of suicide. She was, I believe, a cutter and had attempted suicide before. She tells the story of how this band saved her life. Now despite David’s personal choices in his love life, a true fan who has been saved by their hero’s, does not just give up on them. There is no reason for it, they don’t give up for no real reason at all.

Now I have been a fan of the band for 12 years now. I remember when I first heard their music. I was 12 years old, and the first song was Down with the Sickness. I remember instantly clicking with the song and knowing then that this band spoke my feelings. Not knowing the meaning of the song then, I could sense it. It wasn’t until many years later when I learned the meaning of it. And I was correct in my instincts, and many songs since then have connected with me. Now I’ve had my fair share of hate mail, when I dealt with it shit in my real life, which was not a whole lot to be honest, but I turned to Disturbed. They saved me! People say metal creates violence and anger, well I say go back and read my very first “Let’s talk”. Talks all about that. It didn’t make me angry; it didn’t make me depressed, it saved me and made me feel stronger and made me feel like I could do anything I wanted.

Now here I am my friend is no longer a David Draiman/Disturbed fan, I am in the Randy Orton fandom and though I have only been a fan since late July early August of last year and though I have heard a lot of rumors about his reputation. I am his fan for his in-ring talent, and that will not change any time soon. And I am ashamed of you who choice to focus more on his personal life instead of his talent. (Now I have made that mistake a few times myself, and for that I am sorry.) We become fans of some one for their talent, for what they can do, what they bring to the table. Not for who they choose to take to bed. I am ashamed of some of these so-called fans saying, “I will no longer be a fan of Randy Orton because he is dating a horrible person.” Just as I am sick of so called Disturbed/David Draiman fans who said they would stop being a fan of him and his band because of Lena.

That is just beyond pathetic, I mean grow the hell up! I don’t know how much more I can say on this topic to get any one to understand how sad this is. I am staying out of Randy’s personal life just as I have stayed out of David’s. It’s not my business. The true fans are the ones that stick by someone despite their personal and private choices. You don’t know these people, you are not friends with these people, you will most likely never have a chance to be with them in a romantic way. So for the love of God, grow the hell up and move on. If you want to stop being a fan of some one for their love interest, so be it. But stop talking about it, if you don’t care then shut the hell up and get back to loving the celebrity for their talent.

Quite frankly I have grown to like Lena and I am happy for David. He truly deserves to be happy. And I am happy for Randy, he truly deserves to be happy. After what both these two have been through they deserve it even if it is for a short time. Because I know I would never have a chance in hell with either one of them. I love David for his ability to sing, he has the ability to be melodic and sing softer yet be the metal singer he is and scream. And his signing doesn’t make you want to slam your head on a wall. He and his bands, Disturbed and his new one Device, can do live what they do on their albums. And on the plus side he’s freaking sexy I’m just going to put that out there.

I love Randy because of his wrestling ability, mic skills are not 100% that great but he’s still pretty damn good. I don’t like him just because of his looks, though that too is a plus. I will continue to support David, Disturbed, and Randy despite any personal and private choice either of the decide to make.

So, in conclusion, I say grow up! Move on! Worry about your own life.

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