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This is something that I have seen for many years, I’ve seen people across the internet being the victims of cyber bulling. I have never, nor will I ever treat someone unfairly or send them hate across the internet.  My parents had raised me better than that. If I don’t like someone, I ignore them. I’ve even had hate thrown at me. I’ve been a graphic designer for two years, but my passion for it goes back further. I’ve made fan made videos, stories, poems, songs and many graphic designs. I’ve posted them through many design websites, and I’ve gotten hate for them, not constructive criticism, but down right hatred.

I have also been a part of many, many fandom wars many times because of the Fandom’s I’ve been in. I want to start off with some fandom wars because this is the one that confuses me the most. It’s not for you to decide, just because you do not agree with the fandom, to disrespect some one’s opinions of such fandom. Course I never took any of the bulling or wars seriously, I ignored half of it. It was a waste of time to include myself in such things.

About 5 and a half years ago I opened a website for Disturbed. I called it “Disturbed Fans” then later changed the name to “Disturbed Zone”. After having this site for a couple years, I witnessed a nasty fan battle with another Disturbed fan site. Now to avoid striking up another feud with these people. I will not mention any names and all screen shots have been blurred out. I am not only protecting myself, but the others involved in this stupid war.

It started when I was a member of two Disturbed message boards. When one of them turned against my site and the other fan site. For a quick reference we’ll call the accused “Bullies” and the bullied fan site “DFS” for disturbed fan site. These bullies started a fight with DFS over pretty much nothing. They were acting petty, and jealous they weren’t on top. They sent an email to a member of DFS, and this is a screen shot of that said email.


Now notice I’ve crossed out the names. This is to protect both sides. My intention is not to start another feud but to simply make people understand how pathetic it gets. Read what the email says:

“I know you’re at the fucking “DFS” with all those idiots. I want you to tell everyone that’s in charge over there that I want a war with them. I’ll shut down their site and prove that “Bullies Site” is the only fucking Disturbed fan site. Make sure you tell them!!”

Now can I just point out how pathetic this is? Why do you want a war with them? Now I was good friends with the founder of this site. He also made me an admin there, so I worked behind the scenes a lot. I was also a member of the accused bully site. I never once saw anything that happened that prompted this email to be sent. I figured everyone was getting along. And unless the admin of DFS was doing something that he wasn’t admitting to I saw no reason for this.

I have no idea why this guy wanted a war. Us Disturbed fans get bullied and picked on enough as it is … Let me rephrase that, us metal fans get picked up and bullied as it is. If you haven’t already read my last “Let’s talk” post, go read it now. We don’t need to be fighting amongst ourselves. This is true in any fandom; we are all fans of the same thing. There is no such thing as “Number one fan” or “True or False fans” We are all fans, no one is better than the other.

No one fan site is better than the other. All fan sites are great some people like some over the others on the same subject. Maybe for the way the owners run it, the theme, the set up or the speedy news posts. Which not to toot my own horn but disturbed zone was #1 9 times out of 10, the first one to post news on the band. We were able to do it as it happened. And the Bullies only posted the news AFTER Disturbed Zone posted it. The Bullies didn’t even give credit to the fact that they got the article from us. Now you’re probably asking some of the following questions.

Did we own the article? No
Did we write the article? No
Did we own any photos or any piece of the article? No

We gave credit to the original creator of the article or photo AS WELL as where we originally found it from. My co-admin and I worked pretty much all of our free time searching for news. Which sometimes was time consuming. We did the hard work; we would find rare photos and articles no one had ever seen. No other fan site had it. We did that hard time-consuming work to find it and they took it and took credit for the hard work that we did. Being like “Oh look what I found on my many hours of searching”

No not YOUR many hours of searching. It took you want 60 seconds to load our website and 2 seconds to copy and paste? Oh, that must be so hard for you! Now am I being a bit of a drama queen over something as petty as that? Perhaps, but it would have been nice that you credit us for our hard work and time it took us to find it.

If you really think I’m being petty and a drama queen about this. Get this! If you tried to ask where they got an article from, they would ban you. And that’s not an exaggeration! They banned one of my friends for asking. And whenever I would post a link to my site that had an exclusive article on it. The Bullies would find the original article and remove my sites link and swap it out with the original. And whenever I would try and put my URL back in they would do it again.

They did not want anyone linking to another disturbed website that could possibly be competition in posts, signatures or profiles. I eventually got banned for speaking out and asking the admins why they were doing this. Instead of having a grown-up talk with me about it they banned me. They even banned a friend of mine because she knew me. She didn’t do anything wrong to get banned except for the fact she knew me.

Same thing happened to another friend of mine. Her best friend got banned because she wouldn’t cybersex with him. Then my friend got banned because she knew this girl. The bullies claimed they were the same person. Which wasn’t true as I knew both of them. (Not personally or in real life, but I had no cause to doubt they were two people)

Anyways, Moving on to the next thing. Many times, the bullies tried to shut down Disturbed Zone and DFS. We even got hacked a couple times and I’m willing to bet it had something to do with them. I tried as hard as I can to keep my mouth shut. But one day I couldn’t anymore, I went to their hoster and I reported abuse. And posted information about them having illegal content on their website.

They had a forum set up strictly for …. Guess? Illegal downloads of FULL albums from known artists. Including the full Illegal download of Asylum. Take a look at the following two screen shots. This shot is from their forums. Course I wasn’t logged in at the time because I was banned. I was on a proxy server in order to load the site. (A proxy server, in your browser there is a way to temporally change your IP address. Course it lags the shit out of you)

When I sent their hoster this screen shot warning them of illegal content. The Bullies played it off as “Oh this is just a list of the album tracks. These reports are coming from a website that has been trying to get us shut down” We’re trying to get you shut down?! More like you’ve been trying to get us shut down. With your threats of trying to prove you’re the number one website. (Refer to the previous screen shot where they SAID “we’re going to shut you down)


Notice what it says in the browser title. “DOWNLOAD LEAK HERE” Underlining that for emphasis. Well, that was a failed attempted. I managed to a few days later grab a screen shot of their Facebook page. Course by then I was over it and didn’t care. But here is the screen shot of that.


You can clearly see these people talking about the download. If that is not enough evidence, I don’t know how else to convince you.

To prove to you more how far fandom wars can go. I saw them posting on their website and on the band’s official website about how the band has been going to their site. Now let me point this out to you guys. Disturbed band members do not go to fan message boards. They do not have the time to read all the messages. And they had to shut down their official message board because they were getting some nasty hated messages posted on the site.

Some fans say David had a bid of an ego trip, threw a temper tantrum because people were not so happy about some shit he was saying. I wasn’t there for any of that, so I don’t know what happened.

Anyways this is my post on the official website regarding the rumors that the members of the band were going to this said forums and reading messages.


Notice how not once did I mention the name of this accused website. Look at the comment I circled in white. She gets it. Yet look at their comments to my blog. I never once mentioned them but noticed how they felt as though they needed to chime in. Guilty conscience? You decide.


Yup! I think so!

Now take a look at the following two shots.



Notice how I posted my blog after I saw the rumor. They then AGAIN post the same thing right after I posted my blog. You can note the time stamps on the posts.


*Shakes my head*

This war got out of hand! This all happened within a year.  Course both sites are standing strong. Though DFS closed, the bullies have more people going then DZ but hey the band has been on a hiatus for 2 years. Not much going on in this fandom right now.

I am just glad this fandom war ended. I have no intentions to start it back up again. I just wanted to get it off my chest and prove how fandom wars and bullying tends to get out of hand and it’s just pointless and pathetic. Because we are all fans of the same thing. That concludes part one of “Let’s Talk: Fandom wars/Cyber bulling” Stay tuned for Part two coming soon.

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