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Hello everyone, so its been some time since I’ve even paid attention to this site. I have not given up I have just been so busy lately. But I recently got me a mini tablet/laptop that I can carry with me. So I can start working on this site where ever I am. I would like to go back to blogging and share some of my stories with y’all outside of my streams and social media. I don’t have much time to do videos on youtube anymore so maybe this will help. I plan on going back to my graphic and web designs as well as finishing up some more stories for y’all to read. I am going to revamp this site over the next couple of days since I am unable to stream right now. My internet has been up and down and I can’t keep a good connection.

I know I have been taking a lot of time off of streaming and I apologize. I work a 40 hour retail job that has me constantly tired. I have a long list of things I want to do and get done and it’s hard when I work 8 hours just to get off and stream for 4-5. I hope you guys understand, I will be on vacation soon so I should be able to get every thing I need/want done and still be able to stream. Hopefully it’ll help me to feel better! I’ve also find it hard to get motivated to do anything, I’ve been stressed and exhausted. It’s sometimes a struggle.

Thank you to everyone for being patient with me and sticking with me through this. I do appreciate it!! If my internet is back up tonight I’ll probably stream for a few hours. If not I’ll see y’all Monday, I’ll just be here working on updating my website after …. a year? 🙂

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Thursday - May 28, 2020 @ 08:54 am CST



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