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Welcome to Wandering Star Resource, your source for HQ fan site designs and all your fan site needs. I have been doing graphic and web designs for a few years now. I had my tumblr page all set up with my designs. Had it all finished and every thing, and in the process of trying to delete old stuff I ended up deleting the blog so here I am having to start from scratch, Perhaps this will give me a chance to start fresh. I haven’t had much time to really work on my site in about a year. The hosting website that I was on decided to close down.

I’ve also been busy with my real life job as well. At the end of December 2014 I finally got hired at a grocery store. After a year of going on interviews I finally landed a job. I’ve been working there for over a year now, I started out as a courtesy clerk. Basically I bagged groceries and helped people out to their cars and rounded up carts in the lot. And one of the things that annoyed me the most was people who just randomly leave their carts where ever they feel like it. That makes it harder on the rest of us.

Anyways, that’s a story for another time. I am going to try and keep my blog updated with new blogs once a week if I can help I. And I will try to release some new themes pretty soon. If y’all would like to order some thing from me, please feel free to email me. Keep in mind I do work Monday-Fridays nearly 40 hours a week. So I do not have as much time as I use to. But I promise to try and get them done as soon as possible.


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