Please check the side bar above orders to see if I am currently accepting or not. Please read the following rules before you order. If I have too many request going at once, any that are sent to my email will be answered once I’ve freed up my to-do list. These are the rules that you must know and follow in order for me to make a design for you. Now I am willing to help if it is necessary, if I am not too busy, but there are still some rules you need to understand first.

General rules

1.1 – You must know Basic HTML/CSS to edit the theme because I won’t do every thing for you
1.2 – DO NOT redistribute my works in anyway and/or claim it as your own.
1.3 – You may not edit the images to claim it as your own. If you do change the images you must at least keep my original credits and add that you modified the theme.
1.4 – You must link back to “Wandering Star” somewhere on your sidebar or footer. And do not remove any watermarks on banners or graphics. (If you edited the banner you must keep my credits somewhere in the sidebar/footer) There is no way to pay to get the watermarks removed. This is one of the ways I can advertise my work, and if you are proud of the design please keep it to help me out.
1.5 – I can not copy another designers style, Please do not ask me to do it. If you want their design you must contact them for it. I create the themes in my own style.

Sending emails

2.1 – When sending an email please use the order form on the order page EXACTLY THE WAY ITS WRITTEN.
2.2 – DO NOT Send an email and leave the subject line blank. It causes it to say no subject and I get those a lot which turns out to be spammers sending virus’. I will NOT open a No subject email.
2.3 – Please make sure you put Wandering Star Layout ORDER or Wandering Star Graphic ORDER in the subject line.
2.4 – Please make sure you include my code word. So let me know you’ve read my rules.
2.5 Payment via Paypal only (must be in US Dollars)
2.6 I REQUIRE you to pay 50% (or 100% if you choose) up front then the rest once you’ve seen the sample. This is to reduce the chance that I waste my time making a theme you don’t want when I have other orders. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Using the themes

3.1 – You must use my theme after I make it for you. Or do not expect me to make any thing else for you in the future. Your site will go on my blacklist. Making it less likely for me to accept you next time. Not to sound mean, but I do have other orders. People who are paying for these themes and are having to wait.
3.2 – You have to put up the theme with in a month of receiving the files
3.3 – You must use the theme for at least a total of 2-3 months before changing. (To help get traffic to my design site.)
3.4 – Any site that I find not following these simple rules will have a lesser chance to be accepted in the future. This is only to help me get more clients. So please follow them I appreciate it.

Last but not least

4.1 – If you have criticism that will help me improve on my themes, graphics or even my website. Feel free to contact me about it. I am always willing to hear new ideas to help me improve. But please do be kind about it. As I spend A LOT of time creating all of these things. I am doing the best I can do.
4.2 Please use the code word to ensure that you read the rules.
– – Code phrase is: not all those who wander are lost



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