Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Back in 2006 I started working with the Tomb Raider level editor. This project has gone through so many changes. It had started out titled “Quest for the Treasure”. I had felt like that wasn’t a good enough title as Lara is always on the hunt for treasure. This project had no real story at the start of it. It was simply she was going after a vampire pendent, that was it. I decided to then title it “Quest for the pendent”. I developed an actual storyline behind the quest. But after that failed attempt, I decided to start fresh. It then became “Blair Cross: Vampires Pendent”. Before it went back to Lara Croft and her hunt for the pendent. I finally settled on a storyline and was in the process of creating it. I have since stopped working on the project due to real life getting in the way. But I finally finished one level of the project, it was a manor level, it was Lara’s arch nemesis Alexander Dent. This house was fun to build, it was based on a real-life house. This is the beta trailer for that level. This was before all the final changes were made.

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