Sunday, December 24, 2017

Okay so this year just flew by really fast, seems just like yesterday I was celebrating 2017. Well, the year is almost at an end, and I figured I would post a kind of update/review on my 2017. A lot has happened, sadly most of it has gone by so fast I can’t remember every detail. I will remember to write this down in advance for 2018-2019. So, let’s start with the most recent, we had a secret Santa at work this year. I picked one of the cashiers who’s been there since I started. (As a side note I have been working at this place for three years as of December 20th 2017) She wanted candles, so I bought her what I thought was some good smelling ones. I can’t remember the scents, but they were along the lines of apple, cinnamon, lavender something like that.

My secret Santa gave me a GameStop gift card. I had a feeling it was going to be that it was a 50/50 of it being GameStop or Barnes and Noble gift card. I kept it simple. I also got a Cute Caticorn Blanket and TY beanie babies from my two nephews. Which are so adorable and soft?

My nephews know me too well. Haha, I like cats and unicorns and ty beanie babies. And well that’s what they got me. I love them. Got a gift card from Sis and her husband, money from the parents.

I had a good Christmas. I am glad it’s over, only because I am ready for work to go back to normal. 2017 has been a rough year for me at work. I won’t get into it much because I don’t want to get in trouble for some of the things I might want to say. So, I’m just going to keep my lips sealed on this one. Work has been somewhat okay, mostly just stressful, I work in customer service and who ever came up with “The customer is always right” must have been high. I am just going to leave it at that. We’ve had many come and go, I just start to make a new friend at work and they either transfer, quit or go to Walmart. TRAITORS!!! I did make one new friend who is now my bestie! Love you! If you’re reading this, you and my other friends at work make working there worth it.

I can’t go without mentioning my boyfriend and I celebrated our two-year anniversary in July and are on to year three. Here’s to many more! Love you!!!

Erm *cough* Anyways, I have had many health issues, nothing too serious. I’ve just haven’t been feeling myself this year. I know I started off the year pretty bad, I was going of some medication (birth control) and it made my mood all weird and wires got crossed and let’s just say I had some anger issues and some depression. I am good now though so no worries on that. I have been feeling very tired and lethargic, I’ve had chronic headaches for so long I had no idea what was going on. At the start of December, I made the decision to cut caffeine. I have been caffeine free since Dec. 02, I have been trying to drink more water and taking Vitamins. I read an article about Vitamin D deficiency; you can read the article here: Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency


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Friday, April 1, 2016

Okay yes I admit I am a bit of a nerd. No I don’t sit and write fan fiction all the time. At least none I am willing to admit to…Never mind that. This is a story I have been working on for many years and recently decided to put it down into words. When it first started it didn’t stick to the original Tolkien idea of Middle-earth and had way too much of the script used in it. But I finally sat down and managed to find a perfect balance. Yes it uses modern day mixed with Middle-earth, which tends to be frowned upon in the Tolkien community. However I feel like my story manages to explain the holes that many try to poke into it. Plus it’s just a fun little project I worked on so just deal with it.

Character          Meaning             Original          Meaning            Relationship

Rainel       Wandering Star     (Arodiel)        daughter of          Legolas’ Lover

Danika           Star

Arodon       Noble                (Othon)             warrior            Rainel’s Father

— Dregnir          he who runs away

Amargil         Earth Star         (Amargil)        Earth Star         Rainel’s Mother

Maidhfind        Pale Haired                                               Rainel’s Sister

Ruinruth          Fiery Red Anger                                          Rainel’s Brother

Amarwên         Green Earth                                              Grandfather



Othon, meaning warrior, is a Sinda elf that immigrated from Doriath to Greenwood with Oropher. He was a blacksmith in Doriath, during the Second Kinslaying and the destruction of Menegroth, he served in the same “unit” as Oropher and on many occasions saved Oropher’s life. They were great friends and looked out for one another. Once they got to Greenwood and make their way among the Nandor and Oropher is declared the King, he then rewarded those of his people who had served him well and faithfully, including his good friend Othon.

Oropher gave him the name Arodon, meaning noble one, it was then Othon adopted this as his chosen-name. He was greatly proud of his nobility and before too long became cocky about it. He then married an elf named Amargil, meaning star, they had been friends for years and had both immigrated from Doriath together. They had two daughters and a son in which they named Arodiel, daughter of noble one, Maidhfind, pale haired, and their son Ruinruth, Fiery red anger.

Arodon fell in love with a human woman and began an affair with her. Something that was very taboo amongst his people. And he ran away with her abandoning his wife and daughter. His people then began calling him Dregnir, meaning he who runs away, which of course he adopts after his mistress dies of old age and his guilt begins. Arodiel being ashamed of her father’s actions decided to adopt the name of Rainel, meaning Wandering Star, Rainel being a variation of her mother’s name Amargil, meaning earth star. Amargil had always loved the stars and was the daughter of a farmer and thus was given her name. It became a tradition for mother and daughter to watch the stars. Rainel wanted to honor her mother she wanted nothing to do with her father.

Rainel was close with her mother and after her father’s dishonor, her people started to treat her differently. She was no longer happy in Mirkwood except for when she was with Legolas. Rainel and Legolas were great friends and became lovers and were set to marry. They grew up together and were very close. Though Legolas’ father had issues with Rainel because of her father’s dishonor. Rainel sometimes wished as though she was in a different world then the one she was in. Her and Legolas talked about running away from Mirkwood. Running away from the shame of her father and his father’s disapproval of their relationship.

Thranduil tries to run Rainel away from Mirkwood and Legolas, making it clear there is no future for them. Well Rainel leaves and goes traveling all this happening a couple hundred years before “The One Ring” Then during the start of the one ring/battle for middle-earth. Rainel then meets up with the fellowship after having left Rivendale and she is then part of the fight for middle-earth.

Though in the battle for Gondor Rainel is injured/dies and is reincarnated into the modern day as Danika, a name also meaning star, is a writer. She has had dreams of middle-earth and her best Friend Lexi believes it is a past life. Yet Danika does not believe until somehow magically Legolas appears and tries to make her believe to bring her back.


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

More coming soon!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Hello peoples! To all of my lovely fans out there wherever you may be. Okay I am a bit excited I just added another piece to my Tomb Raider Collection. I’ve been wanting to get a Lara Croft backpack for the longest time. Well, several months ago I spotted one at Target for around $30. Well at the time I was unemployed, so I wasn’t able to get it. But I am now the proud owner of a Lara Croft backpack! Yes! My cos-play accessory collection is almost completed! Now just to obtain the outfits…

I’ll keep y’all updated on my collections

Take a look!
Click the image to be taken to my instragram for a larger view!

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hello, everyone, it’s been a while since I have written any blogs or made videos… In fact, it’s been a while since I have even come on to my own website. I have been busy in real life. At the end of December, I got a real-life job offer, sadly not from any graphic or web designers like I hoped. But I am now a proud employee of a grocery store. It pays well enough, and I get enough hours that I am happy with it. I love my job!

I got the offer at the end of December after job searching for like a year and a half or so. I was getting a bit bummed out that I wasn’t getting any call backs after any of my interviews. And it was really starting to stress me out. Anyways, I just hate the job interview process, the questions that they ask are so freaking stupid it’s not even funny. Like “Name a time when you were part of a team, what were your goals and how did you accomplish those goals?”

Let me explain some thing here: A lot of you may not know that I was home schooled for pretty much most of my school year. I grew up with a disorder called Selective Mutisim. It is a disorder in which the subject cannot speak in selective environments. Such as schools or any other public place. My parents had gotten fed up with hearing complaints from my teachers that I was not talking. They kept saying “Well can you not make her talk?” After my therapist… (YES! I had a therapist, but not like that.) Had even told my teachers that it is not that simple. My teachers didn’t listen, so my parents put me into home school.

I have always been self employed as a graphic, web designer, author and blogger. This is all that I know how to do. There for I have never been in a team type situation at school or at work. So how the heck am I supposed to answer this question? Well, I talked about the time that I was on a basketball team… Well, it wasn’t so much as a team as lessons with a bunch of other kids at the rec center.

Our goal was to make a certain number of baskets in order to win the game… Not that we were playing against any other teams, because it’s not really a team and… You see the problem here? I had a hard time explaining this answer. And there is a long list of other dumb questions I had a hard time answering.

Now there was one that should have been an obvious one, but I fucked it up on my first interview. I was applying to work at Target and one of the interview questions was something along the lines of this:

“If a customer is buying a pair of shoes that ring up as $19.99, but they say that the sign says $17.99. What would you do?”

Obvious answer, right? …..

*makes a buzzer sound* WRONG! I said I don’t know on my first try. And it caused me the interview. The guy looked at me and smirked like “Who does this girl think she’s kidding? She is so not qualified for this job”

Yeah, the correct answer to this question is:

“Well it depends on the store policy. If the policy is to honor what the customer says the price is, then I would change it. However, if no such policy exists, then I would simply apologize to the customer and reply with ‘I am sorry miss/mr the sign or the shoes must have been stocked wrong. The correct price is $19.99′”

Yeah, I didn’t know that, and I was kicking myself as I walked out of the interview. When I applied at target again in a different location, I felt like I got this question right. But apparently, I still was not good enough. Well, they lucked out in having me as an awesome employee.

One place I applied at was a pet store. When I went in I was a bit nervous, as I am on just about every interview I went on. And the guy picked up on it very quickly. And told me that I was required to talk to a customer as a sells person. And that I needed to overcome that shyness.

He gave me an item, told me to read the labels and then try to give him a sells pitch for it…Uuuhhhh! What the fuck! I have no idea; I am not a saleswoman. Hell, I suck at selling my graphic designs to my visitors! What makes you think I can sell a bottle of flea and tick killer…

I don’t think I aced that test. I was horrible! I am sorry but there are no salesmen any more in stores like this. Most people would just rather go in, find what they need, pay and then leave. And if they need help, they will ask. We live (or I feel that we do) in a time where everyone pretty much goes into a store knowing exactly what they are after and know exactly where it is in the store. They don’t need salesmen anymore.

Basically, the guy wanted me to say this to every customer that walked it.

“Hello how are you? What are you shopping for? What can I help you find? … Oh, you’re shopping for a dog. What kind of dog? Big, little?”

… Like what the fuck! Can I not just be like:

“Hello, how are you? Can I help you find something?” and leave it at that. If they need help, they will ask me.

He even asked me to try and sell a fucking Frisbee… Why do I need to come up with a sells pitch for a fucking Frisbee? What is there really to say?

“Oh yeah you can throw it and your dog can run after it and catch it” ……


I can’t think of the other dumb questions I’ve been asked. I’ve lost count! Anyways, my point is, on this final interview it wasn’t like any other interview I had been on. It was actually nice, for the first time I wasn’t nervous at all. The interviewer didn’t ask me all those dumb questions that everyone asked me before. She didn’t make me do some dumb sells pitch. It was a nice conversation. That’s what it was, a conversation! Not an interview, a conversation!

It was a group interview, and it was just,

“Hello my name is …. And I used to work at …. I graduated from ….”

My line was

“My name is …. (not telling y’all my real name) I am self employed as a graphic/web designer, and I do a bit of babysitting part time. I started my graphic web design business back in May of 2011. I started baby sitting back in August of 2012. The kids are now at the age where they are going off to school and I want a job outside of the home.”

That was it! And I was in from that point on. I got hired on that day. I’ve been employed at this store since December 20, 2014. And I couldn’t be happier. I love it, I work as a Courtesy Clerk which means I bag people’s groceries, I sometimes do carry outs for the elderly and those who need it. I even go out in the freezing rain, sleet and snow to get carts.

(A quick word of advice, please for the love of God, when you go to a store put the carts in the cart stales! I hate having to chase down carts because you people are too lazy to put them where they go! lol kidding!)

Yeah, it’s fun!

I know some people might not think it’s fun. I was talking to one of my floor supervisors one day, (he’s no longer there he went to a store closer to where he lives) He asked me one day “If they ever asked you to move to cashier, what would you say?” I simply told him that, I love being a courtesy clerk it’s fun. He gave me a serious look and goes “Why?” I was just like because I love it! He started laughing and told me he had never heard anyone say that before.

So apparently, I am the only one that actually likes what I do. It’s not that I don’t want to be cashier it’s just I like what I do right now. I get paid $7.45 an hour and weekly. I work anywhere from 20 hours to 38 at most. Heck, I got 38 and a half hours this past week. I am excited for this week’s check. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough, you know? I get life, health, dental (I think) vision insurance, and a pension after 5 years, 401k plan, paid holidays, and I am only working part time!

And I have met some great people, I love my co-workers. I love my bosses, only time they pissed me off is when they messed up on a check of mine. But hey, I can’t complain they got it fixed and all is right in the world. I have two of my floor managers telling me all the time they love me, and they owe me something. One of them was like “I’m going to take you out” haha I’m like okay! I love that! She says this because I never say no when she asks me to come in on a day off, come in early or stay later. And I’m not doing any of this to get free stuff from anyone. I am doing it because that’s my job. That is what I get paid for.

Hey, my mentality is more hour’s mean more money. So, I am happy, plus more hours means more time I get to spend at the job that I love, with my friends at work. I don’t do it knowing or hoping I get a free drink from one of my managers. (Though this is a plus) I do it because I want to and because it’s my job. I don’t mind at all doing it. The only time I would say no is if I was so sick that I couldn’t come in to work and had a fever. Or if I had plans that I just could not get out of.

Like one day one of the floor supervisors asked me if I wanted to come in on a Saturday. (I was scheduled to be off that day) But I told her that I couldn’t, because that was the Saturday that my family was celebrating Christmas. Since we couldn’t do it on the actual day. And one day I got called in, but I was so sick, I was in so much pain and was running a high fever. I didn’t want to run the risk of making my coworkers sick. Even if it was just allergies.

Anyways, to make a long story short. I got a Real-life job; I love it and that is the reason I have not been updating or even logging on to my website at all. But I promise that I will keep you guys updated on my life, job and anything else that comes up. I will also get to working on some more video and blogs. I have a long list of stuff that I want to do for the website, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and do any of it.

We’ve had bad weather last week and I got called in more last week because there were other clerks that couldn’t come in because of the bad weather. So I had four 8 hour shifts this week, so I’ve been a bit worn out.

Anyways, keep an eye on my website and YouTube page. More blogs and vlog’s coming soon I promise!


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